Want Wrought Iron Without the Costs?

Steel ornamental fences offer a unique blend of style and maintenance-free design, and give you the look of more expensive wrought iron fencing, without the larger price tag and maintenance issues. Wrought iron offers superior durability and strength, but when superior strength isn’t needed, the steel ornamental fence is the way to go.

Steel Ornamental Fence Gallery

Steel Ornamental Fence Flavors

Ornamental fence styles can range from classic to modern all the way to Gothic. The new steel materials allow similar styling to the wrought iron look with that modern touch. Take a look at the examples above to get a feel for the types of fences available in steel ornamental materials. These fences are growing in popularity because of their unique style and class, and they add a lot of value and curb appeal.

Why Choose Precision Fenceworks?

Precision Fenceworks has years of experience in designing and installing all types of steel fences, and we aim for 100% customer satisfaction. We also work to get you the best price on your fence without shorting you on quality. Having an experienced company and experienced installers helps reduce installation time and costs for our customers. When it comes to fences, Precision Fenceworks is the leader in northeast Georgia and surrounding areas.

Precision Fenceworks Testimonial

“The Precision Fenceworks guys rock, and we LOVE the company name! The owner (Zack) came out promptly and helpfully brainstormed our plan, resulting in a better design. The installers were very nice guys, efficient, and did a beautiful job. The price was quite reasonable too, just what we’d expected: we’re happy as can be with the whole project!”

Rick and Alice LaFleur