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Atlanta Fence Company If you are an Atlanta resident or business owner, you are aware of how important the property enhancement of a fence can be. Fences provide a higher level of security to a property in addition to creating a unique visual appeal. The team at Precision Fenceworks – the fence company in Atlanta – has over a decade of experience in fencing, uses only the industry’s top rated materials, and offers the highest level of customer service. Therefore, we specialize in creating a memorable overall experience for fencing in the city of Atlanta.

Precision Fenceworks services both commercial and residential properties, offering a variety of fence designs and personalized attention to the client’s needs and concerns in a way that builds a very strong business relationship. Fencing in Atlanta will never be the same with the modern fence designs, intricate measurements, and the precision of the installation process rendered by the fencing company in Atlanta. Clients past and present rave about the friendly staff who is willing to assist with any questions, concerns, or issues that may arise in regards to their top quality fence.

Customer Service

We have well trained and knowledgeable customer service representatives who are eager and ready to answer your call. Consultations are always FREE, and estimates are given daily, so schedule an appointment today in order to begin the process of property enhancement. In addition to your free consultation more information on products and services, are right at your fingertips with just one simple call to 888-123-4567. Call today, and see how to easily upgrade and secure your property with a fence installation in Atlanta.


fence installation Atlanta Buying a home is one of the biggest investments made as a mature adult. Once settled in a new home, the next major concern as a homeowner is maintaining safety without losing curb appeal. With fence installation in Atlanta, the best of both are offered. We provide stylish and modern fences with a variety of colors and material compositions to satisfy any preference or specific security needs with ease. We take pride in the quality of materials which are used for each fence installation in Atlanta. All fencing goods are obtained from top quality suppliers who know efficiency and breathe safety. Our fences will not wear easily due to the elements of nature or experience mechanical issues as a result of the weather conditions of a specific area. Our clients deserve the best; therefore we incorporate only the best materials to ensure long lasting durability and efficiency. Call us at 888-123-4567 to upgrade your residential or commercial property.


Are there any financing options available?
Absolutely! Give us a call today at 88-123-4567 to begin the process to our convenient financing options.
How does the company handle repairs and replacements for parts, if an issue arises? 
The Atlanta Fencing Company has a standard warranty on all installations and assist with issues beyond the warranty period on a case by case basis.

How accurate is the initial estimate given in relation to the actual cost on average?
Our estimates are very accurate. However, the best way to determine cost and pricing is to give us a call at 888-123-4567 and let us properly address your questions and concerns.


Precision Fenceworks stands behind the quality of work and the ability to provide excellent service during and after fencing installation. At all times, we are concerned about client satisfaction and aim to deliver a positive fencing experience. From the initial estimate, to the fence installation, and post service, we maintain a good relationship with our clients that can last a lifetime, just like our fences. Call one of our experienced and friendly customer service representatives who can get you on the road to premium fencing in Atlanta.


No matter what the individual need or visual attributes the client prefers for a fence installation in Atlanta, we never force them to choose any particular style or efficiency. All of the fencing options are both practical and eye catching. Residential and commercial clients have a variety of fencing types to accommodate their needs. We have experts in place to assist with fencing installations such as:

Chain Link Fences in Atlanta

Chain link fences are most commonly used among commercial and residential clients. These fences allow boundaries of property to be set but leave an open view of the surroundings. The durability and security factor are still very evident, but this style fence allows a more open feeling.

Commercial Fences in Atlanta

These fences are built to last with a sturdy appearance, strong composition, and practical setup. Our commercial fences can be used for a variety of business needs and locations, without compromising on quality. A few of the features available for these fencing installations in Atlanta include wrought iron, galvanized steel, and the best feature of all, controlled access when paired with gate systems.

Farm Fences in Atlanta

Farm fences are often used for limiting the area for livestock and sectioning off farm land. These fences are extremely durable and are a mix between a privacy fence and an open view fence, allowing the client who chooses this style to enjoy the best of both of those options.

Wood Fences in Atlanta

Wooden fences are often a favorite of homeowners or business owners who wish to present a very welcoming presence, such as day cares or convalescence homes. Wooden fences allow a barrier to be created between your property and another, increase the security by enclosing a space, yet maintains a look of warmth and friendliness while delivering a sense of privacy.

Aluminum Ornamental Fences in Atlanta

Aluminum fences bring elegance and beauty to every property they reside. Our aluminum fences are similar to more expensive steel or wrought iron fences in appearance, but not in cost.

Picket Fences in Atlanta

Because of their variability and cost, wood picket fences are among the most commonly sought after fence options for homeowners.

Steel Ornamental Fences in Atlanta

Are you looking for a low cost, beautifully designed fence for your home in Atlanta GA? If so, let the steel ornamental fences from Precision Fenceworks be your perfect solution.

Vinyl Fences in Atlanta

Vinyl Fences have been really growing in popularity in the Atlanta area because they look great and need low maintenance.